ArtPlus My ePix!

Plugin for ePix Wallpaper Calendar


Use Your Own Images in ePix Calendar!

How to use My ePix plugin

My ePix plugin is not available as a separate download. You must install it from within the ePix Wallpaper Calendar, by clicking the plugin icon on the desktop (it looks like a wall plug) or the same Plugin dialog opened by right-clicking the ePix tray icon and selecting the "Plugins" option.
Click the Add Plugins button to open the dialog with all currently available, not yet installed, plugins. Select the "My ePix" to download this plugin. It will automatically get installed and linked to ePix.
When you open the plugin, the first thing that you must do is to create your image set by clicking "Create New Image Set" button. You will be able to create multiple sets so you can easily find images as needed. When the set is created, click "Add New" to actually add new image to the selected set.
Once you have added all the images you wish to your new set, click the "Export to ePix" button. That's it! Your images will be listed in ePix! Select the one or more to be used as backgrounds and changed periodically, just the way you would normally do with other ePix images.

Creating new image set within My ePix plugin.



Buy: $9.95 /yr


    Yearly License to My ePix

    If yo do not renew the license after one year, you will no longer be able to add new images, but those that you added will remain installed within the ePix Calendar.