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Having a website is NOT enough these days! Advertising alone, while absolutely necessary, is not enough either! People tend to visit gazillions of sites each day, and are overwhelmed by the amount of information they find on the Internet.
Ads may attract visitors to your website, but they've probably visited several sites displaying a similar offer already, and will visit some more soon after. If they're not ready to make a purchase now, you're at risk of losing a customer. Of course, your first objective is to initiate sale, but most likely some buyers are not yet ready...

Stand out from the crowd!
Offer your website visitors a gift!

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Why ArtPlus Software Ad Specialties?

The computer age created a need for some more sophisticated promotional tools. With Software Promotional Gifts - Software Ad Specialties - you can put a logo on the user's desktop, while at the same time giving them something of far greater value than just a mug or a bag—A fully functional piece of software to help them solve everyday problems!

ArtPlus Software Promotional Products are unique and exciting!
Of course, you can continue giving away mugs and bags. One doesn't exclude the other.

Inexpensive to you as a sponsor!
ArtPlus Software Advertising Specialty line of products is usually priced from 3¢ (US$0.03) to $10. With a minimum buy of US$150-2500 (depending on the product).

Of large perceived value to your customers!
Software like this is usually sold at US$10-50!

Other benefits include: Distribution over the Internet; Social networks sharing; High perceived value; One-click link to your business, directly from the user's desktop; Changing promotional offers through software updates; Predefined or server broadcasted messaging, and the list goes on...

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