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Tourism and Publishing

This mobile app is actually a full blown multimedia publishing tool where you can promote your destination or a product through images, articles, audio, video and virtual panoramas.


The application is based on great looking images and associated articles.

Venezia Venezia
Venezia Venezia

Along the information about the image, users can locate it on the map and get step by step directions how to get there.

Venezia Venezia

Destinations (or products) can be presented by images, videos or VR panoramas.

Prices (US$, excluding Tax)

Application Creation and Distribution

Prices include basic creation of the app (up to 24 images) and distribution license.

Android version - US$4000
iOS version - US$5500
Android + iOS - US$8000

The basic creation service includes up to 24 images and articles that you must provide. Inclusion of your logo or ad linked to your website. If you need further customization, video or panorama inclusion, additional charges may apply.

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Extra Services

We can add more images or ads, offer additional material download options that will periodically refresh or update the application.

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