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Refund Policy


Software License is not a tangible good that you can return to the seller for a refund!
Once the unique license code has been dispatched the purchase is final!

ArtPlus offers trial versions of ArtPlus programs free of charge. The purpose of this is to give users a free evaluation period, allowing potential customers to determine whether or not they are satisfied with the product before purchasing. Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be duplicated. Once a license has been issued, it is unfortunately not possible for the vendor to recall all copies. Therefore, ArtPlus cannot accept product returns nor offer refunds.

Why do we have to enforce such terms?

There are two main reasons. First, a refund causes extra loss on our side, not just the price you paid. We decided not to calculate such loss into the product price which makes our program cheaper to the majority of users but also comes under No Refund Policy.

Second, unfortunately as much as we would hope to the contrary, there are dishonest people around us. While the most of us would consider such a behavior unethical, some people indeed do pay for the product with the intention to ask for a refund soon after. Sometimes their behavior is obvious, sometimes it's not. It can be hard to make a difference between an honest person with a real problem, and a thieve trying to cheat the system. Being a judge is not as easy as it seems. We would hate to accuse an honest person for stealing. On the other hand, we would also hate to reward dishonest behavior by assuming that each user is being honest.

That is why we chose to enforce a strict No Refund Policy.

Please be a responsible buyer and make sure that our program fits your needs BEFORE paying!

If you stumble across a problem using our program, please read the program troubleshooting guide or instructions first. If you can't find a solution there, contact our Support and tell us more about it.
We'll try to offer a solution.

You have to confirm that you understand this No Refund policy before completing the order.

See illustration below:

No Refund