ArtPlus EasyNoter

Spelling Dictionaries


Introduction to Spelling Checker

Some Art Plus programs use open-source spelling checker Hunspell to verify spelling. Some dictionaries are bundled within the software (depending on distribution channel). Few more popular ones can be downloaded from this page. If you can't find the desired language pack here, visit OpenOffice website where you can find more.

To comply to licensing terms, we have to offer original packages with all the files and licences, so you can learn more about people who built them. Usually, only two files are needed for spelling checker to function though. Refer to instructions at the bottom to install dictionaries to your program.

Download links to few of the more popular dictionaries among ArtPlus users:

English (Includes AU, CA, GB, US, ZA country versions), German (Austria), German (Germany), Spanish (Spain, Latin America), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Italian (Italy), Portuguese (Portugal), Croatian (Croatia) and Slovenian (Slovenia).


Download needed dictionary (see links above). If you choose to download it from our site, they will be ZIP archives containing multiple files but you need only those with extensions .dic and .aff.

For instance, if you're installing British English dictionary, you'll be looking for en_GB.dic and en_GB.aff. Here "en" stands for English and "GB" for Great Britain.

If you download dictionaries from OpenOffice website, it may come with .oxt extension. For instance some_dictionary.oxt. But it is still actually a ZIP archive. Just rename it to and continue with step 2.

Copy .dic and .aff files from the first step to a location within "dict" folder within your program working directory. For instance, if you're installing British English dictionary to work with EasyNoter, you'll need en_GB.dic and en_GB.aff in:


Run the program and find Spell within Options where you'll have to select (check) active dictionaries (you can have several installed simultaneously) and adjust other preferences.